Xi'an and a Farewell to China

From Pingyao we took an overnight train to Xi'an. To our surprise and excitement the city was dusted in snow, other than seeing some snow from the window of our train going to Shanghai a few weeks ago, this was our first snow of our travels. Xi'an, like Pingyao, is a walled city, but unlike Pingyao within Xi'an's much larger walls you will find malls and McDonalds. Even with the modern feel of Xi'an it was a nice city to explore. There are 2 large towers (Bell Tower & Drum Tower) and the Muslim Quarter (an area with tons of food and street stalls) so we had plenty to see when we arrived.

Blanketed Wall

Modern Wall

Drum Tower

Muslim Quarter

Street Chef

We had two nights in Xi'an. The first day was spent exploring the city and the second was to take the 2 hour ride out to see the famed Terracotta Army, our main reason for the stop over in Xi'an. We booked a tour with our hostel and even though it was a large group and we typically shy away from tours it was a fun, although very cold, day.

Terracotta Entrance



Pit #1




The Terracotta Army is a rather impressive sight. There are over 8,000 soldiers all sculpted with amazing detail, down to the strands of their hair, and no two faces were alike.

Terracotta Soldier

Xi'an was our last stop in China before we flew to Delhi, India. China was a challenging country for us, I think both since it was a tough country to travel in as well as the fact it was over the holiday season (we both got a little home sick). That being said it was a great destination and we are glad we were able to experience it. Now we are both excited to see India and what it has in store for us.


  1. Abby,

    I found your blog via Tanya's - and I am loving it! The pictures are just amazing, and I can't imagine how cool it is to see everything in real life. I have serious travel envy!


  2. All the best and have a great time in India ... Have been constantly following your blog till you reached India :) Waiting to read what you feel about India ....