Taste of India

Everyone we have talked to about India had pretty strong feelings, either they loved it or hated it. So we when we arrived into Delhi we didn't know what to expect, but we were prepared for anything. We flew into the brand new terminal 3 of Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport that was built for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Shiny and New

We only had 2 days to explore Delhi, but enjoyed every minute of it. We went for an early morning run in Lodi Gardens, passing by 15th century tombs as we ran. Then we took the clean, but crowded metro around the city. While I was crammed in like a sardine Abby got to enjoy a seat in the "Women Only" car.

Karol Bagh Stop

Women Only

We walked from the metro stop down the bustling Chandni Chowk. I think thanks to our time spent in Nepal and just the way this trip had opened us up we really enjoyed walking the streets. It's really an assault on your senses and I'm not sure anywhere is quite like India.

Streets of Delhi I

Rickshaw Trio

Walking the Streets

Chandni Chowk Delivery

Pedaling Along

We spent several hours walking through Delhi's quiet Red Fort. Abby and I feel in love with the architecture. The scalloped archways and massive columns are a beautiful sight.

Red Fort

Hangin' Out

Marble Flowers


Bhadon Columns

Sawan Transition

Shah Burj

Green Moat

From the Red Fort we headed over to the India Gate.


India Gate

Along with all the sightseeing we had what we had been craving, some delicious Indian food. We're still not sure you can find a bad tasting Indian dish, but we hope we never find it.

So how do we feel about India after our first few days in Delhi? We love it, and can't wait to see more.


  1. Awesome! So glad you are liking it, the pics are great. Hugs from IL, and it's official you will be an Aunt and Uncle again on the March 8th.

  2. I love that shot of the building with all the birds flying around. Great catch!

    Congratulations Erin!