Well the 'dread' of booking travel insurance is over. Let's hope that now that it's booked we don't have to ever deal with it again. After scouring the internet for reviews and comparing prices we decided to go with World Nomads for our travel insurance.

Of all the sites we looked at they were far and away the most easy to understand and their prices seemed very reasonable. Everything was laid out clearly, it seemed to fit the exact trip we were taking and they seemed reputable. Insurance was about $500 for 6 months, which is the max you can book at a time. We'll be gone about 7 months and we can extend the coverage online while on our trip.

Reading through the policy we should be well covered, the only thing that didn't completely cover us was a $500 limit on cameras, computers and other electronics. Hopefully that never becomes an issue and we can hold on to the expensive stuff. Otherwise as long as we don't die learning to fly a plane or on some high altitude rock climbing expedition we should be good.


shot through the arm

After a total of 8 shots, several pills and about a grand between the two of us we left Passport Health ready to take on the diseases of the world.  The experience was actually pretty painless, well the Tetnus shot did sting a little, but in all seriousness it was a pretty straightforward process.  We made an appointment, met with a nurse, told her where we were traveling and then discussed the potential risks and various vaccines we would need.  I was also glad that all of the recommended vaccines from Passport Health lined up with what the U.S. Dept of State travel site recommended.

So here's the breakdown for each of us:
  • Hepatitis A/B, Twinrix shot (3 shots over several months)
  • Polio, IPOL shot
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis, Tdap shot
  • Typhoid, Vivotif pills (4 pills taken over 8 days)
  • Yellow Fever, shot
  • Malaria, Doxycycline pills (150 pills to be taken when in Malaria areas)
  • Diarrhea, Ciprofloxacin pills (20 pills taken as needed)
  • 10 pills of Ambien

Due to some stomach issues on our recent trip to Peru the Cipro was a must have on this trip and Ambien never seems to hurt, although I've never had much luck with it.  The only real concern I have is the Doxycycline is said to cause sun sensitive skin, so I might see if there is any better alternative before we fill that prescription.