Unrest In Egypt [update x3]

As many are probably aware there is currently some social and political unrest in Egypt, specifically in areas near Cairo. This poses an possible risk to us as we have a flight into Cairo on Feb 3rd. We are closely monitoring the news and the U.S. Dept of State website and will divert if necessary. We just wanted to let everyone know we are being watchful of the situation. Also thank you to everyone that has made sure we were aware of what was going on.

It looks like the situation hasn't gotten any better. The U.S. Dept of State as well as Australia and the U.K. are advising against non-essential travel. Even our carrier Air Egypt and others have suspended some flights, due to a curfew put in place. We are also unable to access Air Egypt's website, presumably because the Egyptian government has "turned off" the internet. We've reached out to our travel insurer to see what our options are. We haven't changed or canceled anything yet, but aren't sure if we'll make it to Egypt. However our hopes are up, both that we can see Egypt and that the issues there are resolved.

update x2:
Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a “Do Not Travel” alert to its citizens. The U.S. hasn't made that announcement yet, but we will not be traveling to Egypt and are actively looking for an alternative place to visit before we start our African overland trip. We will be avoiding northern Africa and thinking of possibly Greece or further south in Africa. We will keep the blog up to date.

update x3:
In what I suppose is a strange twist of fate we are now booked to fly to Istanbul, Turkey. It was on our original itinerary, but we had to skip it due to cost and scheduling. Now it's back in and should be much calmer than Egypt. From Istanbul we'll fly directly to Nairobi, Kenya to begin our African overland trip. Jesse you can rest in peace now, I'll be able to capture the wonders of Constantinople with my camera.


  1. Hey guys, love your blog. Since you're not going to Egypt, you should try to go to Israel instead. I really think you will love it. Rita

  2. Been thinking about you guys and how this might impact your travels. Scary business! Glad you weren't there already.