back at it!

In 2010 we quit our jobs to travel the world.  On that trip we started to dream about starting a family and hoped that one day we could return to some of the amazing places we visited with this family.  So it is truly a dream come true to bring our kids back to one of our favorite places from our travels, Tanzania! To share this adventure it seems fitting to restart our blog, this time as a family of four, and this time getting to see this magical place through our kids eyes.  It has been incredible to watch them fall in love with this place and these very warm people.  There are a lot of definitions of success, but for us, raising kids who are curious, kind, and enthusiastic about adventure and other cultures is a big one.  We feel like we have won the lottery!

However, this time the travel has been quite different....we flew in, rather than traveling overland on a tuck; smartphones and wi-fi are now ubiquitous; our accommodations have been just a little nicer than the mostly tent camping we did last time; and we are schlepping a lot more stuff because, kids.  

It took us 32 hours to get here, including a 9 hour layover in London.  Which we took advantage of by taking the Heathrow Express train to Paddington Station for a whirlwind tour. From there we took another red eye through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a short enough layover that we didn’t leave the airport and then onto Kilimanjaro International Airport to begin our big adventure.  The kids did great with the travel and all the time changes, honestly better than us, it definitely helps to be small with adult sized pillows to lay on.