On the Road Again

On the Road Again by Willie Nelson was played just about every morning as our overland truck started up and rumbled down the road. Some might think it would be annoying, but with the sun barely up and most of us barley awake it always brought smiles to all our faces. After leaving our campsite on the shores of Lake Malawi we headed southwest across the border into Zambia.

Smooth Road Ahead

We didn't do much sightseeing in Zambia, just traveled through arriving near the border to Zimbabwe and close to Victoria Falls. We set up camp for the night before crossing over and into the city of Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe was our stopping spot for 3 nights and 3 jam packed days. We started off with a trip to Victoria Falls, the waterfalls that is. Victoria Falls are considered the 'largest' falls in the world, they aren't the tallest or widest, but combined they form the largest sheet of falling water in the world and man does it fall. Walking around the falls is basically walking through a perpetual rain storm, making it a little tough to take pics due to the mist and the fear of soaking your camera. It was definitely an amazing sight. Maybe not as picturesque as Niagara Falls, but the sheer size of them is staggering.

Through to the Falls

The Falls

Along with the falls we got to view the Zambezi River, but from an interesting vantage point...plunging 60 m (197 ft) off a platform on a george swing. Due to a previously skipped bungee jump in NZ a few years ago Abby was excited to jump, but wanted to go tandem so there was no chance of chickening out and I was ready to go.

Suited Up

Adrenalin Ladies

The Gorge Swing

Gorge Swing I

Gorge Swing IV

Swinging II

Along with all the sightseeing and jumping off things we managed to fit in a run, which was one of the best of our trip. We headed out on a nice rolling road and ran across a family of warthogs as well as a lone bull elephant crossing the road, which stopped us in our tracks and we made sure we gave him plenty of room. We also spotted a chameleon crossing the road and similar to the koala it had an interested gait.

Victoria Falls was also the spot where we said goodbye to many of the people on our truck as only a few us were joining the new group headed to Johannesburg; the rest were going to Cape Town by way of Namibia. It was sad to see our truck break up, but we had a great time saying goodbye at a local bar and made plans to meet back up in Cape Town, South Africa.

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