No More Sleeping on the Ground

We arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa yesterday afternoon. It was 32 days on the road, 26 of those nights spent in a tent and somewhere around 6,000 km (3,700 miles) of driving. We saw the "Big 5", sailed in Lake Malawi, did a 60m (196 ft) free fall into the Zambezi River Gorge and took over 4,000 photos documenting it all. We're off to Cape Town, South Africa by train tomorrow to meet our moms and will spend the next few days uploading some photos and writing up our trip in more detail, but we just wanted to let everyone know things are going well.

oh and Happy Birthday Abby!


  1. Happy Birthday Abby! We love you.

  2. Happy, happy 30 to Abby. We love and miss you!

  3. Abby, Ditto from Barbie and Jon. I love you lots. Very happy to read of more wonderful adventures. Georgie so excited to get to you. Looking forward to sharing wine and stories upon your return. Happy Day dear girl.

  4. Happy Birthday Abby...quite the way to spend your 30th.

    We've been thinking about you guys quite a bit. Can't way to see you and your pics!