Random Shots

I am definitely not the photographer in the family but I have been doing my share of picture taking along the journey. Just thought I would share a few of my favorite shots as of late that haven't made the blog.

View from the Amber Fort in Jaipur, India

and Ross doing his thing at the Taj Mahal

We are in Nairobi, Kenya now and take off tomorrow for our overland tour of South East Africa.  We will be on the road for 32 days and are really looking forward to it. We aren't sure what the internet access will be like along the way so if the blog isn't updated for awhile that's why, but hopefully when we return it will be with lots of great animal shots from our game drives!


  1. So enjoy the blog...ahhh..all so lovely.
    Barbie and Jon

  2. Your photography game is awesome! Are you just using your point and shoot digital camera?

    Have a blast in Africa.

  3. Yeah Abby!
    I was on the look out for Dooce when Nick and I were in Salt Lake...no luck. Made me think of you though so it's all good.

    Hope you are having a great time in Africa. Looking forward to hearing/seeing all about it.
    huge hug,t

  4. Hi guys! Nice shots Abby!
    I loved reading about India, what experiences you had! It's on the list for the next trip :)
    We're looking forward to reading the Africa blogs.
    We made it back to the good ol' US of A and are trying to get used to the idea of a house, our own bed, and working (ewwwww!) Snow and green chile cheeseburgers were awesome to come home to but now I think were both missing the road a little.
    We're living vicariously through you guys now, enjoy the freedom while you can!!!
    Erin and Paul