Cruising the Backwaters

Ross and I spent our last week in India touring through the Indian state of Kerala. First we headed to Alleppey to see the canals, backwaters, and lagoons that have it described as the "Venice of the East". We signed up for a day long boat trip out to the backwaters. Many people here rent house boats and spend the night out on the water, we opted for a more affordable boat trip and were taken in a small canoe through the small villages and canals by our guide Antony. We were also treated to breakfast and lunch at Antony's house and had a delicious South Indian feast. It was a fun and very relaxing day out on the water.

In the Backwaters

Alleppey House

After Alleppey we took a bus to Varkala and spent 4 nights on the beach eating fresh seafood and lounging around. It was a very touristy spot but the beautiful beach, lovely sunsets, great fish and daily yoga classes were a treat. The beach got to us and we were pretty lazy there, thus the lack of photos, but we stayed in a great spot right on the water.

From Varkala we headed to Kochi for a quick overnight and then flew back to Mumbai in the morning. We had one more day to pass in Mumbai which we filled with trying to eat all of our favorite Indian foods and then left EARLY in the morning for Istanbul. India was an amazing country to visit and we had an awesome month there but I think we barely scratched the surface, we will definitely be back!


  1. Abby you looks so pretty and happy in the canoe photo. Lovely shot Ross. Thank you for glimpses of India. Safe travels

  2. I love the umbrella hat. It's perfect!