starting in Sydney...

We're finally under way and 'running around the planet'. We arrived in Sydney at about 6am on Monday the 13th.  Made our way to our hostel and started exploring Sydney.


  1. Were you at the aquarium? The pictures look like it. If so did you get to see the platypus?!??!?! I hope so.
    It looks like beautiful weather there. I miss the opera house.
    Have fun.
    Is Ross suspending shaving?
    Love 2, MOM

  2. Yes, we were at the aquarium. I'd say we waited for almost 2 hours to see a platypus and never saw one. Talked with several people there who had been 5-10 times and had only seen him once or twice. I think you guys got lucky last time. Guess we'll have to go back now. Weather has been great, only rained on us once. I'm shaving as necessary :)