Great Ocean Road: the mountains

After spending the evening in Port Fairy we headed north from the coast to a little town called Halls Gap in the Grampians National Park. We decided to make Halls Gap our base for a couple of days so that we could explore the area around the Park and get in some hiking. To start we hit up the visitors center to route out a hike for the next day and then stopped off at a local vineyard, The Gap, to sip some shiraz.

Tasting The Gap

We woke to some rain and gray skies, but decided to give our hike a try anyway. We had decided to climb Mt. Rosea, a 1000+ meter mountain in the park with the trailhead close by. We got some nice views on our way up but as we reached the top the fog rolled in and we couldn't see much more than a few feet in front of us, so much for the view! We scrambled down, it felt pretty eerie up there in the fog, and headed back into town to scarf up some pizza after a long day of hiking.

A plus to our campsite in Halls Gap was the large group of kangaroos that would come into the fields in the morning and around dusk. The wildflowers were also in bloom so we got to see some stunning yellow fields of rapeseed all along our drive.

Hopping Through

We are wrapping up our drive now, spending the night in the coastal town of Anglesea before we drop of the campa tomorrow in Melbourne and head to Perth. We have had a blast driving around Victoria and I would recommend a campervan to anyone in Australia. I was pleasantly surprised to find most campervan parks well marked, easy to find, and quite nice. The parks all offered large camp kitchens (we opted to use these versus the stove off the back of the van due to space), laundry facilities, and clean bathrooms and showers. It has been great to have the freedom to go and see what we want when we want and sleeping in a van ain't too shabby :)



  1. Is it cold at night or hot?Love Violet:)

  2. those are some cool pictures Abby. love violet

  3. Violet, at night is was pretty cold. We were sleeping in the campervan so there wasn't any heat so you had to stay bundled up.