Around the World with Photos

We're now back in Colorado and getting back into the swing of things. Our trip was an amazing adventure and will be with us forever. One of the great things is that with our photos we will be able to relive many of the experiences again.

With that I've put together a set of photos representing each country we visited, 22 in total (I did not take a single photo in Kenya, so there are only 21 photos). I've also compiled some statistics on the photos (this information was extracted from the Adobe Lightroom database). First the less exciting stats, then on to the photos.

photos: 21,083 (236.79 GB)
picks: 1,024
days: 215
shooting days: 156
avg photos/day: 98
avg picks/day: 5
avg photos/shooting day: 135
avg picks/shooting day: 6
num landscape: 15,083
num landscape picks: 770
num portrait: 5,904
num portrait picks: 249
avg focal length: 63
avg focal length picks: 57
avg ISO: 436
avg ISO picks: 458

*picks - flagged in Lightroom, processed and uploaded to Flickr
*shooting day - a day a photo was taken

In layman's terms I took just over 21,000 photos of which 1,024 photos I felt were worthy enough to share and post on Flickr. We were gone 215 days and I took a photo 156 of those days and on those days I took an average of 135 photos.

1) Australia
opera house and bridge

2) Singapore
Floral Sents

3) Malaysia

4) Indonesia

5) Nepal

6) Thailand

7) Cambodia

8) Vietnam

9) Hong Kong

10) China

11) India

12) Turkey

13) Kenya (no photo)

14) Tanzania
Leopard with Cub

15) Malawi

16) Zambia

17) Zimbabwe

18) Botswana

19) South Africa

20) England

21) Spain

22) United States of America
Chicago Skyline

For the full photographic experience check out my Flickr collection of Running Around the Planet Photos, here.

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