Hoi An, From The Other Side

I had a really great experience today; while searching online for places to photograph in Hoi An, Vietnam I ran across Etienne Bossot who runs a 'photo tour' out of the area. I decided to head out with him and two other photographers to tour some more 'remote areas', in the tourist sense that is. Etienne picked us up at 5 a.m. and we hopped on a boat and headed to a small fishing village across the river from Hoi An. We arrived shortly after sun rise and began exploring the quiet community.

Hạnh Phúc

Etienne has been taking people out around the area for about 7 months and has found some great places to explore. We were the only 'foreigners' in the area and he has built a strong repertoire with the locals so we were able get some very intimate shots.



He took us through the town and into some of the local establishments, including a small, but rather popular fish sauce factory.

We also wandered through some of the fields capturing the women at work, planting vegetables and harvesting rice.

Working Smile

Happy Harvester

It was a great day and definitely an experience I wouldn't have gotten without Etienne (thanks!).

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