The Sights and Tastes of Bangkok

Just polishing off an incredibly ripe mango and sticky rice topped with a little coconut milk how can I help but love Bangkok. A long day of travel (made even longer by a visit from our buddy Wilkerson the evening before we left, thanks for coming out to see us Jason!) including a boat, a bus, a truck, an overnight train, and yet another bus we arrived from Koh Phangan to Bangkok and have been appreciating the sights and the tastes since we got here.

We started out getting our Buddha on by taking a day long tour of the Rattanakosin district, the historic old area of the city and also where we are staying. With a tuk tuk driver as our guide we visited many of the local temples and of course Buddhas that abound here.

We climbed the Golden Mount for an awesome view of the city and encountered the thai smile and friendliness that the people are known for.

We also visited The Grand Palace and hit up the Patpong markets, and we even saw a ladyboy cabaret show, it was something else.

Mini Angkor

In between all of our touring we have been eating like kings! Since you can get some pretty decent pad thai from the street vendors for $1 it is pretty easy to try all the flavors Thailand has to offer. We started off eating the spicy Tom Yum Kung, prawn hot soup, with spicy papaya salad on the side. We sampled the banana pancakes, or roti, the street vendors hawk and we have been loving the abundance of fresh fruit, vegetable juice, and smoothies that you can get at every corner. The mini thai tacos, fried batter filled with coconut cream and topped with all sorts of things from mango shreds to chives, spicy seafood curries and noodles galore, you name it you can get it here and for so cheap you can't help but want to try it all. Beer is also cheap and cold which with the heat here is the perfect accompaniment to every spicy meal. Brave Ross even sampled some fried spicy grasshoppers, he actually enjoyed them!

It has been a fun and delicious few days in Bangkok, the city definitely has a contagious energy to it and although crazy and crowded we really like it here, me and my stomach will happily return.


We are bound for Cambodia in the morning and will be checking in next from Siem Reap.


  1. Thank you so so so much for sharing this adventure with everyone through this blog. The photos and stories are amazing! Miss seeing your faces in person but so happy to see you here. Sending love and light! xoxo

  2. I think this is my favorite place so far! Even with the fried grasshoppers!
    I guess Ross didn't have room in his bag for a razor?!?!

  3. Wow, I just got caught back up with you guys....the hike looked phenomenal. Amazing views and such a journey. Then the beach...you deserved that. And now Bangkok. I'm so envious of what you're doing, all you're seeing, and love that we can follow along! We thought of you both as we ate at "The Oven" last night (first time since you left!), but fried spicy grasshoppers look way more fun! Miss you both!


  4. Did you dare Ross to eat the grasshoppers?

  5. No dare necessary, she pointed out the stand and then I got to choose between grasshoppers, beetles, some larva looking things, I jumped on the grasshoppers.