visa photos on the cheap

Between taking the time to get a visa (or passport) photo taken and paying the $3-$4 per photo (the usually come in sets of 2 for around $8) we decided to handle the task ourselves.
Here's the list of supplies:
  1. digital camera (we used a D90 with an SB400 for better lighting)
  2. tripod
  3. white foam core board (had some from other photo projects)
After reading up on the guidelines on travel.state.gov and using epassportphoto.com's handy sizing and alignment tool we've got a set of 6 (it was 5, but I photoshopped the page to 6) passport photos each, and we just have to spend ~$.20 to print off some 4x6s at Walgreens. Net result: $.03 per photo, not bad considering we're going to need 2 for several of the visas we need.

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